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1-on-1 Personal Coaching (4 Sessions with Dr. Joe)

1-on-1 Personal Coaching (4 Sessions with Dr. Joe)

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If you’re serious about becoming a better husband, father, student, teacher, or leader, this is the most affordable and discreet Christian coaching you can hire. You becoming the man God created you to be is my only goal.

It’s FAITH, WISDOM, and ACCOUNTABILITY that will ultimately make or break your relationships as a husband, father, and spiritual leader.

So you need a PROVEN Christian mentor, coach, and teacher who’s been there, done that, and has the T-shirt.

This is more intensive and much more personal than my entry-level 21-Day Coaching Program (which only includes one phone session with me).  ONE-ON-ONE PERSONAL COACHING with me INCLUDES 4 WEEKLY 1-HOUR COACHING SESSIONS WITH ME (via phone or Skype) focusing strictly on one area of your life you'd like to improve and grow in:

  • FAITH (deeper walk with Christ)

  • LIFE BALANCE (get your life in order and organize your time)

  • MARRIAGE (improve, strengthen, save it) 

  • FAMILY (spiritual leadership, communication)

  • FITNESS (exercise, nutrition, lifestyle)

  • RELATIONSHIPS (dating, pre-marital, healing, divorce recovery)

  • ADDICTION (pornography, alcohol, drugs, etc.)

  • CAREER (purpose, direction, planning)

  • MINISTRY (launch, growth, leadership, discipleship)

If you're not COMPLETELY SATISFIED after the last session, you can request a FULL REFUND.  


Here's just a few comments from some of the men I've personally coached:

"In the last 21 days, Coach Joe has helped me achieve a new sense of order in my life. I would recommend Joe because he understands the power of accountability and that every champion needs a coach! Joe will be firm, but at the same time, coach with grace and mercy. He wants to see his clients win!" ~ Chad H.

"Dr. Martin is a great listener and has a heart of compassion. I thank God for people like him who have allowed life's experiences to make him better and not bitter. For that he is able to share great wisdom in many of life's matters. I'm grateful for what God's done in my life through him." ~ T. Ramos

"Dr. Martin is phenomenal! He is genuine, honest, transparent and has a true heart for people. I am honored to have the opportunity to meet him and work with him. I am extremely grateful and still reaping the benefits from our sessions together. Thank you Dr. Martin!!!" ~ Jay M.

"Dr. Joe is the real deal. He always keeps his advice "real" and pulls no punches. He has a passion for helping men become the men God wants them to be. He is a blessing to thousands all over the country." ~ Bobby J.

"Joe Martin is a mighty man of God and has guided me in being a better man, husband and father. He truly was a God sent!" ~ David H.

"Joe is a man who is allowing himself to be used as a vessel and s conduit of God's grace. He has been through life experiences and has learned and grown from God's wisdom. Joe is and has been a real life flesh and blood example for me to continue to look at and learn from and say, if God did it for Joe he will surely do it for me.  If you let him coach you, Joe will continue to point you to the hope that is in Christ. I highly recommend him as a coach and mentor and even more so as a friend and brother in Christ." - Kenny A.

"Dr. Joe Martin has helped me since I was a college student; and even today I still use him to coach me with my career and personal life. I am very blessed ." ~ Cedric L.

"Great experience with Joe. Every session was truly a blessing, and I look forward to my continued coaching and mentoring relationship with Joe." ~ George G.

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