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15-Minute Breakthrough Call (with Dr. Joe)

15-Minute Breakthrough Call (with Dr. Joe)

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If you’re serious about becoming a better husband, father, student, teacher, or leader, then this is the quickest way to TRY before you BUY.  In actuality, it's really try before you INVEST.  Because hiring a personal coach isn't a product you buy, but an investment you make (in yourself and in your future).

On your 15-minute call with me, I will help you determine the following:

  1. Determine if you need a coach?
  2. Determine if you’re ready to be coached?
  3. Determine if I’m the right coach for you (and we will be a good fit)?

The truth of the matter is EVERYBODY needs a coach (unless they’re done learning, growing, and they’ve maxed out their potential). But not everybody is READY to be coached. Meaning, some men are not ready to be guided, willing to listen, be pushed, and be held accountable. The timing may not be right.  And yes, you might need a coach, and you’re ready to be coached, but I may not be the right coach for you (based on my style, experience, and temperament). But we'll never know unless you schedule an appointment with me. 

Why me?

I've literally interviewed hundreds of some of the country’s leading and most-respected men of faith to get their best strategies, advice, and insights on how to overcome some of the biggest struggles men face; that’s why I only give advice that’s biblically-based, tried, and proven.

Personally, I’ve written more than nine (9) books on the topics of manhood, spiritual leadership, parenting, communication, education, and Christian dating.  I now host the #1 podcast on iTunes for mentoring and discipling Christian men.  I don’t coach, mentor, and train on everything, only the stuff I know works:

  • FAITH (deeper walk with Christ)

  • LIFE BALANCE (get your life in order and organize your time)

  • MARRIAGE (improve, strengthen, save it) 

  • FAMILY (spiritual leadership, communication)

  • FITNESS (exercise, nutrition, lifestyle)

  • RELATIONSHIPS (dating, pre-marital, healing, divorce recovery)

  • ADDICTION (pornography, alcohol, drugs, etc.)

  • CAREER (purpose, direction, planning)

  • MINISTRY (launch, growth, leadership, discipleship)

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