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Premarital Success Coaching (Online Course)

Premarital Success Coaching (Online Course)


I'm in Love, What do I do next?

If you've already purchased "Choosing the Right Mate God's Way," you've already learned the 4-step process to finding a life partner (if you haven't, READ that FIRST).

But it's one thing to LEARN the 4-step process, and it's another thing to actually APPLY it to your life and put it into action. One reason I decided to create this course and share it with you was because I wished someone would've shared it with me before I got married.

When I got married at 22 years old, that's right, 22, even my parents failed to help me exercise wisdom and discernment during the selection process. Even though I was financially prepared for marriage, I wasn't spiritually and emotionally equipped to know what I was doing. As a result, my Ex-wife and my son unintentionally ended up paying the price for it.

My parents, friends, and family offered no feedback, no reflection, and no concrete advice to me on what I was doing. Pre-marital counseling talked to us about what to do before the marriage, but never questioned if we were personally, emotionally, and spiritually ready for marriage or if we were even marrying the "right" person. Everyone just celebrated the news of our engagement and wished us well. But that wasn't enough, not even close.

If you're contemplating, considering, or committed to getting married, I would like to offer you something I wish was available to me when I got married: Pre-Marital Success Coaching.  This 12-week online course is your insurance policy to make sure you choose the "right" life partner so you can avoid choosing a life sentence.

Most couples spend tons of money on wedding preparations, honeymoon plans, and living accommodations. However, almost none invest in the most critical component of a relationship: picking the RIGHT person. So with this coaching, I provide you with a 12-week online course, with homework assignments (each week) that go deeper into each step of the 4-step process I described in Choosing the Right Mate. I not only make sure you pick the right person, more importantly, I make sure YOU'RE the right person and you're ready to be married.

Most of all, after the 12-week online course, if you decide to propose or accept a marriage proposal after applying our principles, if for any reason your relationship still doesn't work out, I will refund the entire cost of the course. That's an unprecedented guarantee that your wedding photographer, florist, cake maker, videographer, dress maker, tux rental store, hair stylist, wedding planner, or whoever helped you "get married" won't ever offer you; and it's a whole lot cheaper (less than $35 a week). That's how confident I am that your first marriage will be your last; just call it "marriage insurance."

I promise you, it'll be the smartest decision you ever made other than marrying your future spouse.

Course Content:


  • how to set up your accountability plan
  • how to assemble your spiritual board of directors
  • how to assess your mate's degree of accountability
  • how to properly screen your mate's spiritual board


  • how to evaluate your current level of spiritual and emotional maturity
  • how to design your plan for spiritual growth
  • how to evaluate your mate's level of spiritual and emotional maturity
  • how to assess your mate's plan for spiritual growth 


  • how to set your priorities the right way
  • how to determine what your REAL priorities are
  • how to determine your mate's REAL priorities


  • how to properly examine your past
  • how to effectively heal from your past
  • how to examine and uncover your mate's past
  • how to assess your mate's plan for dealing with their past

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